Raksha wind chime


INR 13,000


Design: Prepared with parad (mercury beads) and small five mukhis of size 7mm . A large Nepal 10 mukhi is strung in centre of a parad and 5 mukhi chain.

This chime is designed to cleanse a premise and protect it from negative energy due to jealously , evil eye , negative thoughts and keep it protected from any harm viz loss of name, legal cases etc . 10 mukhi rudraksha represents Mahavishnu the cosmic protector . Parad beads and five mukhi beads keep negative energy away.

Length: 17 inches

Width: 5.5 inches

For: Homes and offices. Hang them near the entrances or where the wind flows , so that the soft tingling of the chimes spread their energy . This beautiful chime would grace your home and office. Ideal as a gift for a loved one.

Placement: To be hung in room preferably near West wall of room. Affects all people in room