9 Mukhi Amethyst Parad Sphatik Rock Wind Chime For Abundance


INR 4,150


This exquisite wind chime is crafted with a harmonious combination of energy items, including Sphatik and Amethyst gemstone hangings, Parad Gutika, a 9 Mukhi Rudraksha bead from Java, and Crystal raw gemstones encased in german silver. It features silver-colored metal pipes and round metal rings, complemented by elegant wooden pieces. This wind chime not only adds a touch of elegance to your space but also serves as a powerful tool for energy clearing and attracting positive vibrations.

9 mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by goddess Durga and blesses with power, dynamism and fearlessness, which help lead a successful life. The Parad bead transforms all negativity into positivity. Parad enhances the connection with Lord Shiva and gives benefits in meditation and spiritual routine. Amethyst stabilizes and balances energies and emotions, calms the mind and provides relief from impatience and stress. The sphatik beads expand consciousness and awareness, augment spiritual growth and bring clarity of thoughts.

Hang this wind chime in your home to experience the gentle melodies it creates as the wind brushes against it. As the chime resonates with peaceful sounds, allow the energy to clear negativity, and invite abundance and well-being into your surroundings. Embrace the spiritual upliftment, peace of mind, and abundance that this wind chime brings. Let it create a harmonious atmosphere, inviting auspiciousness and prosperity into your life.

The ideal placement for this Wind Chime is Northeast corner of your dwelling. It attracts abundance.

9 Mukhi Java: 12 mm (1 Bead)
9 Mukhi Java: 8 mm (12 Beads)
Amethyst Faceted Bead: 8 mm (17 Beads)
Sphatik Faceted bead: 12 mm (1 Bead)
Parad: 10 mm to 13 mm (1 Bead)
Sphatik Rock in German Silver: 23 mm (1 Bead)
Length: 17 inches