Bel Fruit


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Fresh green leaves of auspicious Bel fruit are supplied at your doorstep

It is a kind of fruit which is very hard from out side and fleshy from inside. Sometimes because of this hardness it is called Bel Patthar (stone). Its covering is really hard as stone. It is favorite of Lord Shiva because of its cooling effect on this hot-tempered deity. Even a fallen Bel is never used as firewood, for fear of arousing Shiva's wrath. The fruit of Bel tree is also called Sriphala because it is said the fruit is made out of the milk of Goddess Sri.

From the Hindu pantheism point of view, the Bel tree is the symbolic representation of Shiva, Parvati, Surya and Lakshmi. It is said that no worship of Shiva is complete without offering Bel patra and Bel fruit. Thus Shiva is called Vilvadanda or staff of the bel-wood.

It is forbidden to break the branches of the tree as Brahmo-daitya or Ghost Gods reside on it. In Bengal during the Durga Pooja on the ashtami (eighth day) the Goddess Durga is invoked on a twig of Bel tree. And in the prayer a devout says, I shall get hold of thee and worship thee as the Goddess Durga. Thou art Sriphala. Thou art great virtue, and always dear to Sankara. I welcome thee, in order to invoke the Goddess Chandika.

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