Black Til - Sesame


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Black Til (Kala Til) or Black Sesame seeds, is one of the most frequently used offerings in Puja rituals and Havan. It is said to have purifying energies. Black Til is mixed with fresh Cow Milk and used for performing Abhishek of Shivling, on Mondays or Saturdays, for providing respite from malefic effects of planet Shani/Saturn and Rahu. Black Til is offered to appease Shani Dev, if planet Shani is placed in an unfavourable position in Natal chart of a Native and during phases of Shani, like, Shani Sade Saati etc. Donating Black Til on Saturdays, pleases Lord Shani and brings flow of prosperity, good luck, peace.

Black Til is an important offering for ancestors and is used in Shradh rituals. It is mixed with rice and offered as Pind daan for ancestors during Pitru Paksh too. For getting relief from Pitru Dosh, Kala Til is a must offering, which satisfies ancestors and bestows their blessings to their lineage and clears obstacles and struggles.

Kala Til is used for getting rid of evil eye and other such totka.