Brahm Kamal Diya


INR 425

INR 775


A beautiful 'brahma kamal' shape diya made of brass. Brahma Kamala is a divine flower. It gets its name because of the story behind the Lord Brahma's birth in the Hindu mythology. The Lord Brahma is said to have born from the lotus springing from the Vishnu's novel.

Lighting of Diya/lamp is an essential part of all the pujas in Hinduism. Every puja is followed by aarti which is performed by lighting the lamp or Diya. Goddess are worshipped and honoured with offerings and oil lamps to add brightness to your puja altar. Light signifies the path of wisdom and the path of divinity. Flame also signifies the power of all the beings.

Height: 1 inch
Base: 4 inches
Weight: 115 gms