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Collector Seventeen Mukhi from Nepal - LX


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17 mukhi rudraksha is ruled by Katyayani Devi , the sixth form of Durga . Person who worships this form of goddess attains all the four fruits, ‘Dharma’, ‘Artha’, ‘ Kama’ and ‘Moksha’. This Rudraksha destroys the limiting beliefs of the wearer in gradual course of time and thus destroys past Karma . Wearer becomes a jivanmukta, a liberated person while still alive. He or she will obtain the 8 great paranormal powers (siddhis) and the 32 minor paranormal powers." On a psychic level, it controls the superior intuition, clairvoyance, telepathic capacities, self-control, mental understanding through intellectual identification, creative intelligence.

Very beneficial for project leaders, businessmen and political leaders and people desiring growth in career . Blesses wearer with immense power of creation of wealth and divine magnetism . Gives fulfillment of all desires related to getting a life partner , progeny, good luck and prosperity.

Benefits: Superior Intuition, Creative intelligence, power of commanding wealth, magnetism
Ruling God: Katyayani Devi
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Mantra: "Om Hreem Hoom Hoom Namah"

Origin: Nepal 
Bead Size: 31 x 24 x 17 mm

Stringing Instructions

The exact bead shown in above picture would be sent to you.