Dhatura Flowers


INR 600


Fresh, intact and naturally grown Dhatura flowers are supplied at your doorstep. It is offered to Shivaling especially during Mahashivratri and Shravan month. It is also known as Devil’s trumpet and Moonflowers and is found in tropical region. By offering this flower, the devotee prays to Lord Shiva to remove toxic and negative qualities like envy, rivalry and hatred from one’s mind and soul. Offering of the flower is believed to resolve financial problems and overcome psychological issues and fear. As per Vamana Purana, Dhatura flower emerged from the chest of Lord Shiva when He drank the Halahal poison during churning of Samudra Manthan (cosmic ocean).

Quantity: Set of 6 pcs

Dimension of plants, leaves and flowers may vary as per availability.

Fresh items are dispatched on Monday/ Tuesday to reach you by Wednesday/ Thursday.

Delivered in 2-3 days in any part of the world. Please inform date of delivery on checkout, so that we dispatch accordingly.

Refund policy for fresh items: If order is delayed in customs and the fresh items get stale/spoilt, we will give you refund of the product value and not of the courier charges.