Dhoop Collection


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The set of Exotic 108 Herbs powder, Exotic Dhoop Powder, Gugal - White and Oudh Powder with Charcoal tablets would make a complete Dhoop set for your home. These are used in yajnas, puja rituals and for daily fuming your home. Placing them on burned amber charcoal tablets would release aromatic fumes. Fumes are offered to deities and yantras during puja and spread across the home or office to cleanse the surrounding and to create a blissful fragrant environment.

Exotic 108 Herbs powder consisting of natural 108 herbs can be directly burned on hot plate. The highly fragrant fumes last for long time.

The Exotic Dhoop Powder is made of natural herbs and is used with burning coal to emit a divine aroma.

White Gugal crystals made from resin of Myrrh are burned in full fire flame or with coal.

Agarwood or Oudh is reputed to be the most expensive wood in the world. Indian Oudh is in much demand and is the finest of all. Oudh has tremendous healing properties.This powder is 100% natural and chemical free. It is known to ward of negativity and attract positivity hence, this powder is used during Homams.

Oudh Powder: 200 gms
Gugal White: 150 gms
Exotic 108 Herbs powder: 100 gms
Exotic Dhoop Powder: 100 gms