Eco-friendly Tree Ganesha With Puja Kit


INR 7,100


Beautiful Ganesha idol made completely of Red soil is depicted sitting on a lotus and pedestal. Jewels and a majestic crown in golden color are hand painted on the idol. This Ganesh Chaturthi, bring 100% Eco-friendly idol for a green future. It comes with a complete puja kit for your prayers.

Puja Kit Contains: Red Altar Cloth, Hindu Tilak set, Gomutra - 30 ml, Gangajal - 100 ml, Rose water - 100 ml, Ghee diya - set of 5, Dhoop stick - 50 gms, Supari (betel nut), Pack of Supari,Clove, Cardamom, Darbha Grass (single), Akshat - 50 gms, Janeu - set of 2, Mouli (holy thread), Kapus Vastra, Attar - 3 ml, Kapur - 50 gms, Kharik, Badam, Row, Haldi - each of 5 pcs, Long Cotton wick

  • Step 1: Place on Pot
  • Step 2: Spray Water
  • Step 3: Receive Blessings of Tree Ganesha

  • What is unique about the Eco-friendly Ganesha?

    There are seeds inside the idol that later grow into a plant. Instead of immersing the idol in water, place it on a soil bed and spray water on it until it dissolves into the soil. It will turn into a wonderful plant and Lord Ganesha will stay with you in the form of nature.

  • Brings blessings of prosperity and harmony
  • Gives success in all endeavors
  • Removes obstacles from the path