Flower Oil Lamp in brass


INR 1,675


An attractive Flower Oil Lamp with five(5) Diyas shaped like flower petals, made of heavy brass. The design and craftsmanship is good and practical as it is meant for daily use. The flower oil lamp has got a central wick holder with a decorative top and the five flower petal Diyas(oil lamps) fanning out in all the directions from the centre. Each oil lamp is made of Copper and the clean, smooth and polished appearance of the lamp adds to its beauty.

Lighting a lamp or Diya symbolizes the bringing brightness to the darkness in life. It is said that fire energy works well to eradicate negative energies. When the lamp is lit this flower oil lamp will look beautiful and serve the purpose of removing negative energy and bringing in the positive energy of prosperity.

The flower oil lamp can be kept in the puja alter at home or even in living space, it serves as a decorative piece and a lamp. The flower oil lamp can serve as an excellent gift too.

Height: 4.2 inches
Base Diameter: 2.5 inches
Weight: 630 gms