Ganesh-Laxmi-Saraswati Yantra Coin Set


INR 3,900


Elite combination of the Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Saraswati & God Ganesha with diety pictures on one side and yantras on another side encased in Velvet box.

Ganesha is the master of the intellect and wisdom. Ganesha has the elephant face as a symbol of high intelligence that guide us on the right path. Ganesha Yantra blesses the worshipper with knowledge, intellect and removes all the obstacles in the path of success and blesses with Riddhi-Siddhi.

Goddess Saraswati is regarded as the giver of wisdom, education, intellect, speech and education. She is also referred as Vak devi (goddess of speech) and Sakala kaladhishtatri (goddess bestowing all the arts). By worshipping Saraswati, students perform better in the examinations. Worshipping Her increases concentration and memory power. She holds a book and a rosary in Her rear hands, while the front hands are engaged in the playing of Veena. Swan is Her vehicle.

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth. Being the consort of Lord Vishnu, the preserver, she is represented as the power of abundance and the goddess of fortune, both of which are equally necessary in the process of preservation.

Yantra bestows wealth, prosperity and good fortune on the worshipper. All desires are fulfilled by uttering the Mantra of this Goddess, and the worshipper never lacks in material comforts - his house & treasury are always full, he & his family never faces shortage of resources.

Mantra: Om Gana Ganapataye Namaha !, Om Aing Saraswatiyey Namaha!, Aum Shrim Hrim Klim Aim Kamal Vasinye Swaha!

Diameter of each coin: 25 mm
Thickness of each coin: 2 mm
Weight of the set 15 gms