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About Religious Pooja Coins

What is a puja coin?

A puja coin is an auspicious puja article that is made in Gold or Silver. These worship coins have carved cast impressions of either a single deity or different deities embossed on them. These auspicious worship-worthy coins have various border designs embossed on them. These coins are available in round and oval shapes. When these puja coins are energized, the divine energies of the respective Gods are activated in the coins and through the medium of energies and they bless the sadhaks/worshippers by spreading positive energies throughout the house, attracting abundance and much more.

Buy the auspicious religious coins online at the best prices from Rudra Centre. We offer a wide variety of worship coins that comprises Goddess Lakshmi coins, Maa Lakshmi-Ganesh-Saraswati coins, Radha-Krishna coins, Saraswati-Ganesh Yantra coins, Shree Ashtalakshmi coins, Maha Sudarshan and Baglamukhi Yantra. Kuber Lakshmi Yantra, Jyotirlinga coins, Lord Ganesh coins, Shri Ashtavinayak coin set, Puja Silver coin set, Lakshmi- Ganesh currency notes, Shirdi Sai Siddhi Yantra, Shree Yantra in currency note, Kuber Lakshmi and Dhanvarsha Siddha currency note.

Where can I buy genuine Pooja coins?

You can buy genuine Puja coins or religious coins and currency notes of various deities online from Rudra Centre at the best prices. Puja coins are often placed alongside photographs of the deity photographs and idols in order to increase the effects of the puja ceremony. The puja coins or worship coins offer positivity, ward off negative energies and spread harmony in the Vastu and carry the divine energies of the deities.

We offer a magnificent range of worship coins that have carved cast impressions of Gods and Goddesses embossed over them. We also offer currency notes which have photographs of deities printed on these Puja coins and currency notes. We also offer certificates of authenticity if needed however you have to pay an extra sum (a marginal amount).

Why Rudra Centre is your ideal choice to buy pooja coins?

We at Rudra Centre are one of the renowned e-commerce companies to have established trust and earned accolades from our clients globally for our spiritual products and healing solutions. We recommend you to buy pooja coins and worship coins from Rudra Centre because we make sure that all the worship coins and curry notes of deities are blessed by our in-house karamkandi pundits from Varanasi and Banaras. Moreover, the designs, size, pattern and size of the coins and currency notes are different and carved to perfection with finesse.

We are the first ISO certified e-commerce company to have formed a website for Sacred Rudrakshas and Vedic Gemstones. We deal in a wide variety of spiritual and religious products and solutions. We are the market leader and the pioneer who deal in supplying across the globe authentic, natural and genuine Rudrakshas, Gemstones, Vastu products, Puja coins, puja samagri, other puja items, Holy books. Aarti CDs and much more. We have more than 22,000 happy clients and our family of clients is growing every day. Offering genuine and quality products and prompt customer service is what helps us maintain our market leader position.

What are the uses of religious coins?

Religious coins can be used during Dhanteras puja for Lakshmi pujan or during Kuber puja. The puja coins when energized emit activated energies of the respective deities whose carved cast impressions are present on the coins. Listed below are a few of the uses the religious coins

  • Used in the puja ceremonies
  • Kept in the treasure box or in the locker to attract prosperity and riches
  • Kept in the purse to attract money and riches
  • The puja coins serve as precious gifts and can be gifted to your loved ones and acquaintance’s
  • Can be kept on office table or study table to enhance knowledge

What does a pooja coin symbolize?

A pooja coin symbolizes the manifestation of respective deities that are embossed on it. Once you energise the worship coins the principles of the respective deities are activated in the coins and these pooja coins symbolize mediums of attracting positivity, good fortunes, good health, wisdom and harmony.

At Rudra Centre, we offer energized worshipping coins online at the best prices. These coins that we offer are made of Silver and are available in different design patterns and great finesse. Quality finishing and varied carved cast impressions.

What is the best way to place a puja coin?

You can place the puja coins in a red cloth along with some Akshat or you can place them along with chirmi beads and cowries in your locker room or cash box to attract riches. You can also place the worship coins made in pure silver in the puja altar of your house next to the Lakshmi and Ganesh photograph or idol. We at Rudra Centre also assist you by answering your queries and by guiding you on the placement of these puja coins. If you wish to purchase a religious coin, you can buy energized and blessed pooja coins online from Rudra Centre and enjoy the benefits and healings they offer.