Ganesha In Lead Temple


INR 850


A beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha nestled in an elegantly designed temple made in lead with gold finish.

There can never be a single family from the land of Bharata, India, who wouldn't know Lord Ganesha. He has been devoutly worshipped by the Hindus for the time immemorial. Lord Ganesh is known for removing obstacles that hinder one's material progress. Therefore, the lord is known as vigna-harta; the remover of obstacles.

This temple idol can be placed at the altar in your home or office or your work desk or even on the dash board of your car. Also, you can gift it to your near and dear ones.

Height - 6.4 Inches
Base Dimension - 3.7(L) x 2.5(B) Inches
Weight - 310 gms