Gauri Shankar - A Gift of Love


INR 10,865


A blessed Gauri Shankar Rudraksha from Nepal in pure silver rest in an attractive German silver case. You may keep in your altar or wear as a pendent in thread or silver chain.

Gauri Shankar which is the Unison of Male (Yang) SHiva and female (Ying) Shakti is the most powerful Rudraksha for spiritual wholeness. According to ancient philosophy, the entire universe is a manifestation of pure consciousness. In manifesting the universe, this pure consciousness seems to become divided into two poles or aspects, neither of which can exist without the other. One aspect retains a static quality and remains identified with unmanifest consciousness. In Tantra this quality is called Shiva, and is conceptualized as masculine. The other part of this polarity is a dynamic, energetic, or creative aspect that is called Shakti, the great mother of the universe, for it is from her that all is born.

It is in the heart center that the union of the female and male (Yin/Yang) energies takes place. In other words, when the two opposite and complementary energies within each one of us occurs, then Cosmic Consciousness awakens in the ego of a seeker "the bud becomes a rose" and unfolds the quality of unconditional love in his/her mystical heart.

Ruling God: Shiva and Parvati
Ruling planet: Venus


Bead size: approx. 33 mm
Dimension of container: 2.1 (L) x 2 (B) x 1.8 (H) inches
Weight of container: approx. 91 gms