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Shiv-Shakti blessings


INR 11,800


This set consists of a German Silver Puja Thali, Sphatik Shreeyantra, Sphatik kalash with coconut on it, Sphatik Laxmi Charan and Sphatik shivlinga.

The combination of Devi in Shreeyantra and Shivalinga is very auspicious. The auspicious Laxmi feet and coconut symbolized in this set invite the grace of Shiva and Shakti, the divine pair that imparts Spiritual reunion of Atma with Paramatma.

Diameter of Plate: 6 inches
Weight: approx. 120 gms

Dimension of Sphatik Shree yantra:
Height: 1.8 inches
Base Dimension: 1.2 (L) x 1.2 (B) inches
Weight: 50 gms

Dimension of Sphatik Shivaling:
Height: 1.1 inches
Length of yoni: 1.7 inches
Base Diameter: 1.3 inches
Weight: 45 gms

Dimension of Sphatik Laxmi Charan:
Height: 20 mm
Top Diameter: 30 mm
Base Diameter: 15 mm
Weight: 28 gms

Dimension of Sphatik kalash with coconut:
Height: 2 inches
Centre Diameter: 1 inch
Weight: 34 gms

Total weight of set: approx. 277 gms