Ghatsthapana at Durga Mata Temple with Akhand Jyot



INR 5,100


For: Name, fame, Power, Victory, Health and Success in all spheres.

Ghatsthapana is a very auspicious ritual to worship goddess Durga during the holy period of Navratri. At Durga Mata temple, Sadar, Nagpur, this is a popular ritual that attracts hundreds of thousands of devotoees who install Ghat from their side. The pictures shows are actual pictures of the ritual. The Ghat is detailed as under:

A bamboo basket is used as base filled with wet mud. Jau & wheat seeds are put in the mud. Round earthen pot is well painted with religious symbols & put into the basket. A coconut is placed over the pot above the mango leaves. In front of the whole setup a lamp is placed covered with glass to protect from wind effect. With your sankalpa (wish for this ritual), the priest will light the flame in the pot that continues to burn all nine days showing your reverence to the Goddess and seeking Her blessings.

Ghatasthapna is an important ritual during Navratri and marks the beginning of 9 day of celebration. Navadurga, which literally means Nine forms of Goddess Durga, constitute according to Hindu Religion, the manifestation of Goddess Durga, the Mother Goddess, in nine different forms. These nine forms of manifestation are:
  • Shailputri शैलपुत्री
  • Brahmacharini व्रह्मचारणी
  • Candraghanta चन्द्रघण्टा
  • Kusamanda कुशमाण्डा
  • Skandamata स्कन्दमाता
  • Katyayani कात्यायनी
  • Kalaratri कालरात्री
  • Mahagauri महागौरी
  • Siddhidatri सिद्धिदात्री

  • Daily puja rituals is done on this ghat (Earthen pot) by the priest of the temple and on last day along with the idol of Durga, the earthen pot & other items are immersed in river or water tank. During these nine days wheat gets germinated in wheat grass which symbolises the power of creation & growth.

    Benefits of Ghatsthapana
  • Blessings from Mother Durga
  • Protection and good health
  • Higher will power and mental power
  • Material and Spiritual success

  • Photographs of the ritual and temple prasad and few strands of the germinated wheat to be kept in cash box would be sent.