Goddess Bhuvaneshvari idol in Bronze


INR 18,000.00


This charming idol made in shining bronze features Goddess Bhuvneshwari seated like a queen on beautifully designed dais. In this Idol, She is depicted adorning a crown and crescent moon on Her head and is beautifully decked with ornaments. She is raising Her right hand in abhay mudra and has Her left hand in varada mudra. She is holding Goad signifying control of anger and rope signifying control of desires in Her upper arms. Goddess Bhuvneshwari is the fourth of Dus Mahavidya(wisdom Goddess) and is the Queen of the Universe. Worship of Goddess Bhuvneshwari bestows one with confidence, courage and victory over enemies. She also removes obstacles and provides relief from all problems of life. The craftsmanship of physical features in realistic manner and intricately crafted clothing and jewels, reflect the artistic brilliance of the craftsman. Made by artisans of South India, this divine and beautiful idol can be placed in your puja altar, living area or work desk.

Height: 5 inches
Base Dimension: 3.5 (L) x 3 (W) inches
Weight: 785 gms


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