Guggal Powder


INR 325

INR 750

INR 1,500


Googal is extracted from a tree called Googal found in the states of Rajasthan & MP, India. It has been used from ancient times to please Deva Shaktis and to charge them for one's benefit. It is used with Ghee and burned in full flame fire or buring coal.

  • It can also be used for making a perfect peaceful home environment.
  • Offered to all Devataas and Devi in daily puja.
  • It can be used for making a Business place perfectly flourishing.
  • For Yantra Puja. To offer 'DHOOP' (its smoke) to Yantra every day. After mixing it with Ghee put it on burning fire in a 'HAWAN BOWL' etc and offer its smoke to yantras.