Havan Herb Kit


INR 2,700.00


This kit contains all natural and premium quality whole herbs needed to perform one elaborate Havan. Assembled as per instructions of learned priests, these herbs are individually packed together in aesthetic pack for safe transport and easy storing.

The pack contains these sacred herbs: Belgiri, Gugal,Sitawar No. 1, Pili Sarson, Kapur Kachri Asli, Jow, Kala til, Lotus Seeds, Tagarganth, Agar, Nagar Motha, Devdar Chips, Jatamasi, Balcharr, Chandan Churan, Phool Gulab Patti, Phool Haar Singar, Guleanar, Phool Kamal, Phool Kusmba.

Havan samagri herbs consist of medicinal, healthy, fragrant and anti-bacterial herbs and are offered in sacred fire of Havan or Homa whilst chanting of mantras. Havan herbs are believed to enrich the spiritual potency of the Havan and purify the surrounding.