Laddu Gopal Puja Kit


INR 2,550


The specially prepared and assembled puja kit dedicated to Laddu Gopal would make your Janmasthami puja experience more auspicious and divine. Containing pure and fine quality puja items, idol of infant Krishna and other items, the kit has been assembled thoughtfully considering all items needed for performing Janmasthami puja with ease. The kit is sufficient to perform one elaborate Janmasthami puja or for performing regular Krishna puja.

Janmasthami is celebration of Lord Krishna’s birth and Lord Krishna is worshiped in His Laddu Gopal or infant form during Janmasthami. The puja performed for protection from negative energies, all round prosperity, happiness in family and fulfillment of desires. Ladu Gopal is often depicted carrying a Laddu (sweet) in His hand. He is specially worshipped for blessings of offspring by couples longing for a child.

Contents :
1. Laddo Gopal Idol
2. Decorative Altar cloth
3. Peacock feather
4. Madhurai Kumkum - 1 container
5. Camphor / Kapur - 1 container
6. Honey / Shahad - 1 container
7. Asthagandha - 1 container
8. Attar - 3 ml
9. Rose Water / Gulab Jal - 100 ml
10. Ganga Jal (Water) - 100 ml
11. Akshat Rice (Red, yellow, white, black and green) - 25 grams total
12. Panchameva / 5 Dry Fruits mix - 25 grams
13. Ghee wicks - Set of 5
14. Janeu - Holy thread - set of 2
15. Mauli Thread - 1
16. Dhoop

Total Weight: approx. 1.4 Kgs