Shiv Sadhana Abhishekam Kit


INR 1,100


Set of Pure and authentic puja items for Shiv Sadhana Abhisheka. Abhishekam is a puja ritual where Shivalingam is bathed and offered holy items. Shivalingam Abhishekam helps purify and empower the mind and induce positive vibes in the surrounding. Consisting Honey, Ghee, Til (Sesame) Oil, Holy Ganga water, Sugar, 108 Herbs powder, Theertha powder and Brihadeeswar Vibhuti, each item is to be used on specific days for a period of 21 days (3 weeks). In your Abhishekam offer the items along with regular water and few drops of Ganga water. Also chant the mala (108 beads) of Shiva mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaye’ 108 times for blessing of Lord Shiva.

Items with dedicated days of week and their benefits are:
  • Ghee: Offer it on Monday for financial prosperity and moksha.
  • 108 Herbs Powder: Offer it on Tuesday for Good health.
  • Honey: Offer it on Wednesday for melodious voice and enhancing music skills.
  • Brihadeeshwar Vibhuti: Offer it on Thursday to help wash off your sins.
  • Sugar: Offer it on Friday for attracting love and abundance.
  • Til Oil: Offer it on Saturday for cure and freedom from illness.
  • Theertha Powder: Offer it on Sunday for purity and focus.

  • Mix few drops of Gangajal and water and offer it along with specific ingredient above.