Kadam Attar


INR 675

INR 3,200

INR 7,250


Kadam attar is made from Anthocephalus Cadamba which is a large tree with a broad crown. It has a straight cylindrical bole which grows up to a height of 100 feet. Kadam Attar is a woody floral, intense and Oriental. It is refreshing but not overly sweet attar. It is a touch more masculine and the most expensive of the traditional attars.

It is considered to be the symbol of wisdom and love and is one of India's sacred and mystical trees. Monsoon is the season for it to grow and blossom. Its petals always symbolize the infinite potential of love and wisdom as these white petals that point in all directions. Perhaps it is for this reason that the Kadamba flower has been adopted as the symbol of I-CARE's philosophy. A walk beside the trees of this flower on a rainy night would give you the pleasure of a deep and thick fragrance.

  • The main ingredient of the Kadam flower is known to give rare perfume Oil that is deep yet soaring.
  • Kadam has been used ornamental use through the ages for its scent.
  • Kadam attar is used to satisfy these ornamental pleasures.
  • Roll on the fragrant Attar or use the application stick to take a small drop on finger tip & apply behind ears and on wrist, for best result.