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Kartikeya idol in Crystal


INR 5,675


Idol of Lord Kartikeya majestically carved in a single piece of pure Crystal quartz gemstone looks charming with meticulous craftsmanship and clear radiance. The gentle and divine energies of Quartz and grace of Lord Kartikeya makes a divine combination. In this idol, He is depicted as Sanmukha or the one with six faces. He is seen as seated in Lalitasana on a Lotus and holding a sweet in His left palm while He is holding weapons on lower right hand and His upper arms. Karikeya in crystal quartz harmonizes and balances the aura while removing the negative energy. Lord Kartikeya symbolizes power and strength, He is worshipped for wish fulfillment, spiritual growth and for gaining a charismatic personality. Sanmukha Kartikeya (Six faces) symbolizes the sixth chakra- the Ajna Chakra and Guru Tatva, thus meditating upon this idol would help stimulate sixth or the third eye chakra. Place the divine idol in your puja altar or living area or study or work desk for divine blessings.

Height: 2.7 inches
Base Dimension: 1.5 (L) x 0.75 (B) inches
Weight: 87 gms


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