Kuber Maharaj - Design I


INR 7,320.00


Lord Kuber is the God of wealth, money and success in Indian mythology. He is the Lord of all treasures and the god's treasurer. Kuber is also known as the God of Yakshas (savage beings). Kuber is the actual Lord of Riches in the Indian pantheon. Lakshmi being the goddess of fortune of which money is a great part.

Kuber is worshipped as a God who protects and conserves wealth in a family. It is believed that worshiping Kuber idol blesses the native with prosperity, wealth and goodluck.

In this idol, He is carved beautifully in heavy shining brass.

Height - 6.25 inches.
Base Dimension - 5.25"(L) x 3.5 " (W).
Weight - 1.900 kgs