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Kuber Maharaj - Design II


INR 8,450


This rare brass idol of Kuber with Goddess Laxmi featured on top right makes a powerful idol to attract blessings of wealth and fortune. The idol features Kuber clad in jewels and clothing and seated on a pedestal. His right hand is raised in blessing pose while His left hand rests on His left leg. Goddess Laxmi is seen holding a pot overflowing with golden coins signifying blessings of abundance, riches, wealth and prosperity. Kuber is Dhanadhipati, the bestower of wealth. With His grace, new sources of wealth and income, materialistic comforts and riches are attracted. Goddess Laxmi bestows uninterrupted flow of wealth, harmony and positivity. You may place the idol in your living area, place of business, office, near cash locker for luck and auspiciousness. The idol due to dual blessings of Laxmi and Kuber also make great good fortune gift for your near and dear ones.

Height: approx. 7 inches
Base Dimension: approx. 5.2 (L) x 3.5 (W) inches
Weight: 1.885 Kgs