INR 475


Kush Grass is extensively used in Pujas and other religious occasions. Kush Grass is considered very auspicious and pure. The Kush Plant is a satvik plant that stands for intelligence, progress and alertness. Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita has stated that meditation provides best results when it is done on Kush Grass. The name of one of Lord Ramas son was Kush which symbolizes alert, pure and bright mind. The term kushal buddhi or superior intelligence also originated from the word Kush. The Kush Banda thus is kept in the study room or the students room for concentration and success in exams. The Kush Banda is also kept on the Puja Altar for wish fulfillment. The Kush Banda is often hung in commercial establishments as it invites auspiciousness and increases business.

Length:approx. 8 inches