Lord Vishnu in Bonded Marble


INR 3,050


The idol of Lord Vishnu standing on a Lotus is beautifully crafted in bonded marble by skilled artisans. The facial features and physical features crafted in realistic manner and fine paintwork is a brilliant display of intricate craftsmanship. Lord Vishnu is adorning a majestic crown and jewels and a garland while His trademark Urdhva Pundra tilak adorns his forehead. He is holding various emblems in His hands like the Sudarkshan Chakra (discus) representing restoration of Dharma, Conch representing interconnected cycle of existence, mace representing authority and lotus representing purity. His face radiates with divinity and serenity. With durable and washable paintwork, the idol can be placed in your puja altar, living area, office desk or workplace for divine blessings. Lord Vishnu is worshiped for blessings of success, compassion, bliss, fame, wealth and success. He brings divine grace in the path of Dharma.

Height: Approx. 16 inches
Dimension: 6.5 (L) x 6.5 (W) inches
Weight: 1.395 Kgs