Maa Raja Rajeshwari in Bronze


INR 13,660.00


Majestic Idol of Goddess Raja Rajeshwari brilliantly crafted in heavy shining bronze looks exceptionally mesmerizing and divine. Truly an example of brilliant craftsmanship, the Idol features Goddess gracefully seated on throne, adorning crescent moon on Her forehead and holding five arrows wreathed from flowers, noose, hook and sugarcane in Her hands. Crafted in traditional south of India style, it is beautifully accentuated with elaborate ornamentation and traditionally designed throne.

Goddess Raja Rajeshwari also known as Tripura Sundari is the highest aspect of Goddess Adi ParaShakti (Supreme consciousness). She is also one of the forms of Mahavidya and provides protection from misfortunes and bestows success in all endeavors.

Design: Made in heavy shining bronze

Height: 6.5 nches
Base: 3'' (L) x 2.25" (W)
Weight: 750 gms


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