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The Navadhanya are 9 types of whole grains which are offered to the Navagraha which are the 9 planets as per Vedic Astrology. The Navdhanya are used in Navagraha Shanti Puja to appease the 9 planets and also offered in other Pujas rituals and Hawan to honour the Navagraha. Appeasing the Navagraha provides respite from ill effects of unfavourably placed planets in the Natal chart and strengthens the positive influences of the planets for the native. It brings good health, prosperity, wealth, success, spiritual advancement, harmonious family life, courage, confidence, protection, and happiness.

Grains of the Navadhanya and the associated Planet

1) Wheat - Sun or Surya
2) Bengal Gram - Planet Brihaspati/Guru or Jupiter
3) Chickpeas - Planet Mangal or Mars
4) Green Gram - Planet Budha or Mercury
5) Black Gram - Planet Rahu
6) Horse Gram - Planet Ketu
7) Rice - Planet Chandra or Moon
8) Black Sesame - Planet Shani or Saturn
9) White Beans - Planet Shukra or Venus

Buy Navdhanya mix which is carefully checked to ensure that each of the grains are whole and packed in bottles.