Navgraha Diya - Set of 2


INR 2,700


A set of 2 beautiful Navgraha diya has a simple and traditional carving on it. These shining tall navgraha diya has 9 notches for placing 9 cotton wicks and the depth is good enough to hold more oil for longer duration, when lit. The light from these 9 cotton wicks will enlighten the entire altar, which is termed very auspicious and also create a devotional ambience.

This lamp is very ideal as it can be dismantled, as a result makes it very convenient and easy for cleaning and storing.

Lamps / Samai are an essential part in every household as every prayer or puja is commenced only after the lamp is lit. Light Signifies the path of wisdom and divinity and Flames signifies the power of all the beings.

Height of each Samai: 10 inches
Top dimension of each Samai: 3.75 inches
Base dimension of each Samai: 3.75 inches
Weight of the set: 875 gms