Navgraha Shanti Yantra Locket - Copper


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This powerful locket made in antique finish copper has all nine planet Yantras etched on it for blessings of all planets. This locket helps overcome malefic of all 9 planets and brings success.


  • Overcoming malefic of all nine planets
  • For good fortune, wealth and prosperity
  • For health and peace of mind

  • Mantra: Om Suryaaya Namah, Om Chandraya Namah, Om Budhaya Namah, Om Brihaspataye Namah, Om Mangalya Namah, Om Shukraya Namah, Om Sanaye Namah, Om RahaVe Namah, Om KetaVe Namah, Om Navgarihaya Namah

    Blessed and Energised