Shiv Yantra locket on Rosewood


INR 300


Vibrant pendent with Shiv Yantra printed on natural Rosewood. With long-lasting colored laser print and light weight, it is ideal to wear every day. Rosewood is known for its warm and vibrant energy and it helps provide protection from negative energies. Shiv Yantra provides courage, good health, good fortune, bliss and freedom from fear of death and diseases.

Yantras also referred as Mandala provides a focal point for the convergence of the individual soul with the specific deity or creative energy. Shiv Yantra represents Param Yogi Shiva who is the supreme light that shines in every individual’s heart. As Lord destroys all limitations and blockages of life, the Yantra also removes the fears and obstacles from life and helps realise the God within you.

Diameter: 1.6 inches
Weight: 10 gms

Blessed and Energised