Neelkantha Frame-Big


INR 51,000.00


This breathtakingly beautiful Mural of Neelkantha Shiva represents the story of Samudra manthan where Lord Shiva consumed the poison Halahala which emerged during churning of the ocean to save all the living beings. This poison stuck in Shiva's throat with nowhere to go and changed the colour of Shiva's neck to blue. For this reason, he is also called Neelkantha (the blue-throated one).

The finesse with which this Mural is crafted is impeccable. It is handmade by skilled artisans in C-forex which is unbreakable and easily washable. You can place this masterpiece in your living room, office or can also place it in the Puja Altar to connect with Supreme consciousness.

This would be sent with a wooden frame.

Dimension: 48 (H) x 48 (W) inches
Weight: 15 Kgs