Neem Sticks


INR 600


The Neem tree has mention in many ancient Vedic texts. The Neem tree is considered as the manifestation of Goddess Kali and Goddess Durga. The Neem tree itself is worshipped as Neemari Devi in many parts of India. Other Goddesses associated with the Neem tree are Goddess Sitala, Bhavani, Mariamman and Yellamma. The medical and mystical properties of Neem are well known all across India. Placing Neem sticks in home helps brings good fortune and protects the house and inmates from enemies, negative intensions, evil spirits, black magic, hexes, evil eye and other lower energies. The Neem sticks brings the blessing of the Divine Mother, Goddess Adiparashakti. The Neem stick when kept with an infant baby helps protect the infant from negative energies.

Length: approx. 9 inches