Panch Bootha Mala - II


INR 2,650


An ensemble to balance the five prime elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether is made of Rosewood which unleashes vibrant energies, soothing Tulsi, the beloved devotee of Lord Krishna, pristine Lotus seeds epitomising fertility and sacred Rudraksha representing the divinity of Lord Shiva with shimmer of white crystal beads that represent Goddess Shakti energy that provides energies of divine grace makes a mala endowed with unique charm.

  • Enhances speech, health and concentration
  • Brings optimism, peace of mind and spiritual growth
  • Dispels and protects from negativity
  • For mental peace and coolness of body
  • Develops vibrant energy and gives willpower

  • No. of Beads: 72+1
    Bead Size: 7 mm - 14 mm
    Length: 30 inches