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About Panch Bhoota Mala

Significance of Panch Bhoota Mala

The Panch Bhoot Mala is strung with 5 different kinds of natural Beads which represent the 5 elements, namely, Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), Vayu (Air), Prithvi (Earth), Aakash (Sky or Ether). The five different Beads are of different materials and they are put together in the Panch Bhoota Mala. They are, 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads, Lotus Seed (Thamarai Mani) Beads, Sphatik (Quartz Crystal) Beads, Tulsi Beads and Sandalwood/Red Sandalwood Beads.

The word Panch Bhoota means the five elements of nature and plays a significant role in our physical health. Our body also houses the 5 elements and when imbalanced may cause health problems. The Panch Bhoot Mala is worn to balance the 5 elements and to attract various benefits in different aspects of life, by virtue of the different beads. The Panch Bhoot Mala can be worn and be used as a Rosary, or Japa Mala, to chant Mantras. The Mala brings positive energies replacing negative ones.

When worn, the energies of the different Beads of the Panch Bhoota Mala get imbibed into the cells and tissues of the wearer, bringing the balance of the elements. Since ancient times, the Yoga practices followed by Rishis and Sages were aimed at balancing the 5 elements in the body. Yoga postures and exercises balances the 5 elements in the body as it is essential. Ayurvedic medicines are based on balancing the 5 elements in the human body, so their medicines are made of ingredients which balances the various elements.

How are Panch Bhoota Malas Made

The Panch Bhoota Malas comprise of a combination of 5 different Beads which are powerful in their individual capacity. The Malas are strung in various ways and have 108 Beads and a Sumeru Bead, mostly of the Lotus Seed Bead in the Panch Bhoota Mala. The Beads are, as mentioned above, Lotus Seed Beads, Rudraksha, Sphatik or Clear Quartz Beads, Tulsi Beads, Red Chandan or Red Sandalwood Beads (also called Rosewood). The Beads are strung in a line to form the Mala. They look appealing with various colours and shapes of the Beads.

The Panch Bhoota Malas are strung in Thread with knots between the beads which makes it apt as chanting Malas. The Mala is often found with Copper capping of various designs, with Gold polish. The Panch Bhoota Mala is also found in pure Silver chain, which also add its value of Metal in balancing the elements.

Usage and Benefits of Panch Bhoota Mala

When worn, the Panch Bhoota Mala, comes in contact with the body and works on a physical and energetic level, to balance the five elements as the 5 different Beads offer their respective benefits and they becomes aligned with the body. The Panch Bhoota Mala is especially worn during spiritual practices, religious Puja rituals, daily worship, Homas and while meditating because the Mala helps to balance the 5 elements in the body. However, the best use of Panch Bhoota Mala is to wear it on a regular basis. It can be removed at night and worn again in the morning after having bath.

The 5 different Beads used in the Mala has their own attributes and the advantage of the Beads are gained by wearing the Panch Bhoota Mala.

1) 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads - Endowed with the energies of Rudra Kalagni, the 5 forms of Lord Shiva, the Rudraksha bead provides balance, peace, calms the mind, brings spiritual understanding and growth, positive energies along with other benefits.
2) Lotus Seed Beads - The Lotus Seeds are favourite of Goddess Laxmi and hold Her energies. The Bead denotes growth irrelevant of circumstances in life. It brings prosperity, wealth, material abundance, etc.
3) Sphatik or Quartz Crystal Beads - The Bead is famous for its purifying quality and acts on the Chakras of the body to clear the energies, has a soothing effect on mind and body, augments spiritual growth and more.
4) Tulsi Beads - Represents Lord Vishnu/Shri Krishna. Provides all round happiness, protection, abundance and fulfils desires.
5) Red Sandalwood Beads - Provides energy, vitality, will power, boosts immunity and blood circulation and brings many other benefits.

Benefits of Panch Bhoota Mala

  • When worn it balances the 5 elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Sky/Ether) in the body providing good health.
  • The Mala shields and protects the wearer from harm, danger, lower and evil energies.
  • The Panch Bhoota Mala calms the mind and brings peace, ease, balance of inner and outer self.
  • It clears communication skills and speech. Helps in improving concentration.
  • It augments spiritual growth and understanding.
  • The Panch Bhoota Mala is excellent for chanting Mantras and amplifies the energies of the Mantra and attracts Divine energies to the wearer.
  • The Mala brings good results when worn during spiritual practices, meditation and religious rituals.
  • The Panch Bhoota Mala bestows will power, vitality, courage, strength, confidence and vibrant energy.

It is important to buy the Panch Bhoota Mala from a trustworthy, reputed shop or dealer of the Malas as the authenticity of each Bead used in the Mala is important for it to act to its full potential and provide maximum benefits.

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The other varieties available are Panch Bhoota Malas in capping of Copper with Gold polish and strung in pure Silver Chain with knots between the Beads. The 5 Beads of the Mala are carefully checked for quality and authenticity before they are strung into the lovely Malas. You can select your choice of Panch Bhoota Mala from our collection and buy Panch Bhoota Mala online at best price with us. Once you place your order, our efficient team ensures that the Mala of your order reaches you within a few days, packed safely. Our motto is to provide the best quality Panch Bhoota Malas to give optimum outcome to our esteemed clients.