Panchayatana Deities


INR 8,720.00


This set comprises of brass idols of the five major Hindu Deities and a Shree Yantra that embodies the energies of all the Gods. Lord Shiva is seen meditating on a tiger skin; the Sun God is seated with an aura of His radiance, and Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi are seated on a lotus. A brass Meru Shreeyantra is placed in the centre. This is the most popular combination of deities one needs to have in a traditional Hindu altar.

Panchayatana puja is a method of worshipping the deities and was introduced by Hindu theologian Adi Shankara. Panchayatana is derived from the Sanskrit words Pancha meaning five and Aayatana which means Gods, and so in a Panchayatana puja the five deities representing the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether are worshipped.

The set includes a brass tray and prayer malas of 27+1 beads of 8 mm in tulsi beads, sphatik beads, lotus seed beads, Rudraksha beads, red carnelian beads, and yellow agate beads and they each represents Vishnu, Shree Yantra, Lakshmi, Siva, Ganesh and Surya respectively.

Diameter of Decorative tray: 12 inches

Dimension of Shiva Idol:-
Height: 2.6 inches
Base Dimension: 2.1 (L) x 1.2 (W) inches
Weight: 233 gms

Dimension of Surya Idol:-
Height: 3 inches
Base: 2.1 (L) x 2.9 (B) inches
Weight: 520 gms

Dimension of Vishnu-Laxmi Idol:-
Height: 3 inches
Base: 2.2 (L) x 1.1 (B) inches
Weight: 186 gms

Dimension of Ganesh Idol:-
Height: 2.2 inches
Base Diameter: 1.8 (L) x 1.4 (B) inches
Weight: 172 gms

Dimension of Meru Shree yantra:-
Height: 1 inch
Base: 2.8 (L) x 2.8 (B) inches
Weight: 415 gms

Length of Malas:
Tulsi mala: 10 inches
Lotus seed mala: 16 inches
Red Carnelian round mala: 10 inches
Yellow Agate mala: 10 inches
Sphatik mala: 10 inches
Rudraksha mala: 10 inches