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About Panchayatana Deities

Significance of Panchayatana Deities

Panchayatana Deities comprise of 5 Deities of the Hindu pantheon - Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Laxmi, Lord Ganesha, Lord Surya (Sun God). The word Panchayatana is a compound of two words, pancha means five and Aayatana means God. Lord Vishnu is the Preserver of Universe, Lord Shiva the destroyer, Goddess Laxmi is the Devi swaroop or Feminine power, Lord Ganesha representing Ishta Devta or personal God. The Panchayatana idol worship is a method of worship of the Smartism sect. The five Deities of the Panchayatana represent the five elements, Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air), Jal (Water), Akash (Ether/Sky) and Prithvi or Earth.

Shri Adi Shankaracharya, the theologian, popularised the Panchayatana Puja which establishes all Gods as equal. This is significant as in that era there were different sects of people fighting among each other to establish the supremacy of either Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva. The Panchayatana worship existed before Adi Shankaracharya but He systemised it and brought it into prominence. Commonly Deity idols are used for Panchayatana worship but natural stones/Gemstones are also used to represent the Deities, like, Banalinga to represent Lord Shiva, the Shaligram stone for Lord Vishnu and so on. The Panchayatana Idols make the perfect Puja Altar and they are also ideal for travelling purpose.

Rudra Centre offers Panchayatana Deities made of different material and it also includes the Shri Yantra Meru along with the idols of the 5 Gods. The Shri Yantra Meru is considered to be the residing place of all Gods.

Benefits of keeping Panchayatana Idols at home or office

Rudra Centre offers Panchayatana sets which Rudra Centre offers include the Shree Yantra Meru and Japa Malas made of beads associated with the Deities. Keeping the Panchayatana Idols at home or office has multiple benefits, some of which are:

  • The idols bring the blessings of all the Gods to the devotee.
  • As the Panchayatana idols represent the five elements they work together to balance the elements of the Vastu, correcting Vastu Doshas and therefore can be used as Vastu idols for home or Vastu idols for office.
  • Worshipping and chanting Mantras of the 5 different Deities of the Panchayatana idols bestows courage, strength, stamina, power, good health, prosperity, wealth, marital bliss, harmony in relationships, name, fame, creativity, abundance and helps to progress spiritually.
  • The Panchayatana Idols are excellent in eliminating negative or lower energies and replacing it with positive ones.
  • The protective shield formed by the Deity idols of Panchayatana is immensely powerful and protects from evil eye, Black magic, enemies, harm, danger, accidents and diseases.
  • The Panchayatana Idols are auspicious Vastu Statue or Vastu Shastra Murtis as they emanate Divine energies, the Shree Yantra Meru which we provide is a powerhouse of positive vibration and radiates its energies around the space.

Types of Panchayatana Deity Idols

Panchayatana Deity Idols are available in different types of material with us at Rudra Centre. We offer the Panchayatana Deities in sets of different types, which are:

1) Brass Panchayatana Deity Idols - This set comprises of high quality Brass idols of Lord Shiva in deep meditation, Lord Vishnu standing on Lotus, Goddess Laxmi standing on Lotus, a majestic idol of Lord Surya (Sun God) on His Chariot driven by 7 Horses, a perfectly carved Brass Shree Yantra Meru with Japa Malas for chanting Mantras of the 5 Deities. The Japa Malas are strung with 27+1 Beads: Tulsi Beads Mala for Lord Vishnu, Sphatik Beads Mala for Shree Yantra, Lotus Seed Beads Mala for Devi Mahalaxmi, Rudraksha Beads Mala for Lord Shiva, Red Carnelian Beads Mala for Lord Ganesha, Yellow Agate Beads Mala for Surya Dev. The set of Panchayantana Idols, Shree Yantra and Japamala are available on a lovely Brass Tray etched with traditional designs.

2) Panchayatana Deity- Stone Idols - This set consists of the 5 Deities and Shree Yantra Meru made of natural Stones, which correspond with the Deity attributes. Available on a beautiful Brass Tray, it has Lord Shiva in Narmada Lingam form mounted on a Brass Yoni with the Snake encircling the base of the Lingam and fanning out on top, Lord Ganesha idol is skilfully carved of Red Sunstone Gemstone, Goddess Mahalaxmi is carved in detail in Yellow Jade Gemstone, Lord Vishnu is represented by the Divine Shaligram Stone which is said to be the residing place of Vishnujee, Lord Surya or Sun God is made in Crystal Gemstone. The Shree Yantra Meru is meticulously etched from Labradorite Gemstone which is placed in the middle of the idol arrangement.

There are Japamalas in the set made of 108+1 Beads of:

  • Tulsi Beads Mala - Lord Vishnu
  • Sphatik or Crystal Gemstone Beads Mala - Surya Dev
  • Lotus Seed Beads Mala - Maa Laxmi and Shree Yantra
  • Rudraksha Beads Mala - Lord Shiva
  • Red Carnelian Gemstone Beads Mala - Lord Ganesha

The Panchayantana Deity set with Stone Idols have many benefits as the natural stones have their own attributes which emit positive vibrations and have many healing powers, which are augmented by the Divine powers of the Panchayatana Deities. The Stone Idols also serve as Vastu Murti as they aid in balancing the 5 elements and cleansing the energy of the space, filling it with positive vibration.

Buy Panchayatana Deities Idols Online at Best Prices from Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre offers attractive sets of Panchayatana Deities Idols made from high quality heavy Brass and also idols made from Stones/Gemstones. We offer the Panchayatana Deities in a set which includes a Shree Yantra Meru considered to be the residing place of all Gods and Goddesses and Roseries or Japamala made of the associated Beads of each of the Panchayatana Deities. The Panchayatana Deities set is presented in an intricately carved Brass Tray. The Panchayatana Deity Idol set we offer is a complete Puja Altar which can be carried with you when travelling. Our Brass Panchayatana Deities are of the best quality, be it the Brass idol set or the Stone Idol set. The Deity Idols and Shree Yantra are carved dexterously and neatly and the Malas for chanting are made of natural Beads. You can choose from the option of Panchayatana Deities set and buy Panchayatana Deities Idols online with us at the best price.