Pure Silver Abhishek Pot with Tripod Stand and Plate


INR 92,700


A wonderful Abhishek set made in high quality pure Silver, comprises of a thick Silver plate, a sturdy Tripod stand with a round holder on top on which a smoothly made Pot or Kalash is placed, is apt for performing Abhishek of Shivling at home or office. The Silver Plate looks attractive with a lovely floral patterns embossed in the centre and raised sides, with designed edges, which holds the Abhishek liquid. The Pot, also called Jaldhara, has a hole in the bottom for water and other liquids to flow easily on top of the Shivling, which is supposed to be kept on the plate right below the Jaldhara. The worship of Shivling is done by performing Abhishek, a ritualistic sacred bathing of the Shivling with Water and Cow Milk mainly and with other ingredients like Curd, Honey and Ghee(clarified butter). It pleases Lord Shiva, who benevolently blesses devotees with peace, prosperity, good health, spiritual advancement and happiness.

The pure Silver Abhishek pot with Tripod stand and Plate makes the process of Abhishek neat, easy to maintain and durable. Silver metal is connected to Moon energies and Lord Shiva wears the crescent Moon on His head, which makes this Silver Abhishek set apt. Traditionally, water is kept in the Jaldhara(pot), so that it drips on the Shivling all through the day, especially during summer and during the holy month of Shravan.

The pure Silver Abhishek pot with Tripod stand and Plate is a useful addition to your Puja Mandir and desirable for worshipping Lord Shiva.

Diameter of Plate: approx. 9.8 inches
Height of Plate: approx. 0.8 inches
Weight of Plate: 240 gms
Height of Stand: 7.2 inches
Height of Pot: 2.7 inches
Centre Diameter of Pot: 2.5 inches
Top Diameter of Pot: 2.2 inches
Height of set: 8.10 inches
Weight of the set: 275 gms

Total Weight of the set: 515 gms
Total Height of the set: 9.0 inches