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Pure Silver Abhishekam Set and Shivling with Narmada lingam


INR 2,02,875


An Abhishekham set made of superior quality pure Silver along with a Narmada Lingam in shades of Brown is mounted on traditionally designed Silver Yoni base, is apt for your Puja room or Alter. The Abhishekham set comprises of a Silver plate with raised sides, a neatly made tripod stand, with a round holder on top to fit the Jaldhara pot in place. The Lingam represents infinite and attribute less Lord Shiva, which is worshipped since time immemorial by conducting Abhishek(sacred bath) with Water, Cow Milk, Ghee, Curd and Honey, to appease Lord Shiva and garner His blessings. The Jaldhara, is a Kalash(pot) with a hole in the bottom for water and Abhishek liquid to fall easily over the Shivling. The liquid collects in the plate, ensuring that the process is neat. The Narmada Lingam is a self manifested Lingam and the best Shivling to worship at home. It is extremely powerful and brings prosperity, happiness in family life, peace, spiritual augmentation, good health, heals various aspects of life and helps to fulfil desires.

The metal Silver is associated with the Moon and Lord Shiva wears the crescent Moon on His head, which makes this Silver Abhishekham set perfect for the Shivling Abhishek. As per tradition, water is kept in the Jaldhara, so that it drips on the Shivling all through the day, especially during summer and the holy month of Shravan.

The high vibration of the Narmada Lingam removes negative energies from the space, corrects Vastu Dosha and also helps in clearing the Chakras of the body. The pure Silver Yoni base is carved with precision as per traditional specifications and has beautiful designs skilfully crafted on the edges of the Yoni base. The Silver Snake is carved in detail and is wrapped around the Lingam, with its hood fanning out over the Lingam. The Lingam fits securely in the Lingam holder.

The Shivling is a symbol of creation and destruction, in which the Yoni base indicates Goddess Shakti or Prakriti, Divine feminine, which unites with the Lingam, Lord Shiva, the Divine masculine energy, to create all beings and is also the point of dissolution, at the end of time.

The pure Silver Abhishekham set and Yoni base with Narmada Lingam offers a complete set for worshipping Lord Shiva in Puja Mandir.

Placement: Place the Yoni base such that it faces North direction. Then the west face of the lingam is worshipped.

Dimension of Plate:
Diameter: 10 inches
Height: 1.1 inch
Weight: 440 gms

Dimension of Narmada lingam with yonibase:
Height of Lingam: 3.2 inches
Diameter of Lingam:1.6 Inches
Height of Yonibase till snake: 5.8 inches
Length of Yonibase: 8.1 inches
Base Dimension of Yonibase: 3.7 inches
Diameter of Lingam holder: 1.6 inches
Weight of Yonibase: 276 gms
Weight of Lingam: 196 gms

Dimension of stand and pot:
Height of Stand: 8.9 inches
Height of Pot: 2.5 inches
Centre diameter of Pot: 2.5 inches
Top diameter of Pot: 2.2 inches

Total Weight of the set: 1317 gms