Pyramid in Black Tourmaline - 107 gms


INR 2,680


Black Tourmaline brings good luck, success, fame, popularity, happiness and prosperity. Black Tourmaline is a magical stone that activates Root Chakra and the South West portion of dwelling which is the seat of stability, support and abundance.

The Pyramid corners are the symbols of peacefulness, seriousness, wisdom and truth. Its conical part is the symbol of tri-level spiritual power. The northern part of the pyramid represents heat, southern represents cold, and eastern is for light whereas the western part stands for darkness. This geometry harness all the powers of the gemstone.

Gemstone benefits:
  • Removes fear, negativity and distress
  • Enhances support and stability
  • Brings good health and protection
  • Unearths hidden wealth and new income sources

  • Placement: Place in the South West Corner of dwelling for enhancing support, stability and abundance.

    Dimension: 1.8 (L) x 1.8 (B) x 1.7 (H) inches
    Weight: 107 gms