Rare Two Mukhi from Nepal - Large - X


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INR 24,000

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2 mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by planet Moon also called Chandra in Sanskrit meaning "illustrious". Moon considered to be one of the best planets as it promises wealth and happiness. It is ruled by Lord Shiva Himself. Shiva is also called "Chandra Shekar", meaning "who wears the moon". Another name and deity associated with the Moon is Soma. Soma is the divine nectar, the sacrificial elixir of the Gods. Soma is a powerful god who is a healer of all diseases and one who bestows of riches. The Moon is the ruler of our emotions. Mood swings, instinct, how we feel about things and how our feelings affect others are all influenced by the Moon. Whereas the Sun gives us our spirit, it's the Moon that gives us our soul. Sexuality, relationships, self acceptance, self confidence, fertility are also governed by the Moon.

2 mukhi Rudraksha heals the Soul and connect the wearer to his soul destiny. Bestows self confidence, emotional stability, inner bliss and enhances relationships.

Benefits: Guidance towards destiny, self-confidence, unity and inner bliss
Ruling God: Ardhanarishwara
Ruling Planet: Moon
Mantra: OM NAMAH

Origin: Nepal
Bead Size: 20 x 15 mm

Stringing Instructions

The exact bead shown in above picture would be sent to you.