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Rudraksha Mat - III


INR 3,800


This exotic looking mat made using 5 mukhi Rudraksha beads of 10 to 11 mm size skilfully weaved in circular pattern is a powerful healing mat. Creatively handcrafted by skilled artisans using high quality Java beads which are known for its smooth texture, this mat is comfortable to use. The five mukhi Rudraksha represents Kaalagni Shivam, Who helps balance all five elements of body namely air, water, fire, earth and Ether, thus the mat helps keeps the body healthy and affects all chakras. With electromagnetic properties of Rudraksha, the mat assists in speedy recovery, calming of thoughts and pain relief.

  • A cloth may be placed over the mat before lying on it or one may directly lie on it
  • Can also be placed as a chair back rest or in your altar or living area for positive vibrations
  • Can be used as an accessory in your meditation room or placed in puja altar for spiritual vibrations
  • A cloth placed on it and used as Asan during puja rituals or meditation

  • Benefits:
  • When unwell, lying on the Rudraksha mat is amazingly helpful for painful physical parts
  • Help massage injuries and helps provide relief from chronic pain or post-surgery pain due to severe injuries
  • Heightens meditation and helps one focus by stopping the chatter of mind
  • Gives mental soothing and feels very comfortable after prolonged usage
  • Helps in speedy recovery during illness and also cure painful back

  • Dimension of mat: 25 (L) x 15 (W) inches
    Bead size: appox. 10 to 11 mm
    Weight of mat: 1.185 kgs