Samai Oil Lamp


INR 600


An artistic panch-batti oil lamp with a holder in between, this golden textured brass diya can hold five 'battis' whilst you offer your prayer and perform the ritual Aarti seeking blissful blessings from the divinities. This beautiful South Indian lamp will light the nook and corners of your home and bring good luck and prosperity.

Lighting of Diya/lamp is an essential part of all the pujas in Hinduism. Every puja is followed by aarti which is performed by lighting the lamp or Diya. Goddess are worshipped and honoured with offerings and oil lamps to add brightness to your puja altar. Light signifies the path of wisdom and the path of divinity. Flame also signifies the power of all the beings.

Design: Made in heavy shining brass.

Height: 5.4 inches
Weight: 140 gms