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Sandalwood beads


INR 3,900

INR 5,000

INR 6,000


Loose sandal wood beads to make your own jewellery. Mainly indigenous to India and Asia, the fragrant Sandalwood is one of the main items used in Hindu religious rituals. The fragrance of sandalwood is very soothing and uplifts spirituality. Sandalwood is deemed as pure and holds many medicinal properties. It aids in relaxing and subdues aggression. You can string these sandalwood beads together to form a bracelet or necklace. Meditating on the sandalwood beads regularly will fill your life with positivity, help you gain perspective, relax your mind and soul and aid in creating a proper balance in your professional and personal life.


  • Can be used to chant mantras of deities and for meditating
  • Relaxes the body, mind and soul
  • Stimulates sense of awareness
  • Promotes harmony
  • Bring good luck and desire fulfilment
  • Eliminates negativity and provides protection

  • No. of beads per pack: 1000