Sandalwood mala - 8mm


INR 725

INR 725


Beautiful mala made of natural and smooth sandalwood beads of size 8mm with tassel. Sandalwood is associated with the Base chakra is known to calm the senses of the wearer and aids meditation. It can be used as regular wear accessory or for chanting mantras. Regular chanting of mantras using sandalwood mala helps relax your mind and soul and helps in creating a proper balance in your professional and personal life. The sweet fragrance of this sandalwood mala is one of the most beloved fragrances in the Indian culture and propels a person on to the path of spirituality.


  • Has a cooling effect on the mind and body and balances Pitta
  • Brings awareness and peace
  • Promotes compassion and relieves stress
  • Worn for spiritual augmentation

  • No. of beads: 108 + 1
    Size of beads: 8 mm
    Length: 34 inches