Saraswati Statue - III


INR 4,615


This charming idol of Goddess Saraswati seated on a Lotus is crafted in heavy brass. Beautifully clad in a sari and decked with jewels, Goddess is depicted with four hands representing the different aspects of personality in learning which are intellect, alertness, mind and ego. She is seen holding a Veena (musical instrument) in Her hands, representing Her blessings of proficiency in field of creative arts. In Her upper arms, She holds the Vedas (books) representing true knowledge and all forms of learning and a rosary of crystals representing inner reflection. Due to fine craftsmanship which gives the idol a realistic appeal, the idol would look divine and charming when placed in your altar, near entrance, living area, study room or in work area. Goddess Saraswati is worshipped for improving concentration, understanding, speech and proficiency in field of arts and knowledge. She is ideally worshipped by students, scholars, spiritual knowledge seekers, writers, artists and art and music professionals for divine blessings.

Height: 6.12 inches
Base Dimension: 2.9 (L) x 2.1 (W) inches
Weight: 1.418 kgs