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Goddess Saraswati is one of the highly venerated Rig Vedic deities worshipped by each and every household especially in India. Performing Saraswati Puja on Vasant Panchami is considered meritorious and highly auspicious. It is said that a home where Goddess Saraswati is not worshiped (as Saraswati Murti or Idol) is must not be visited or is deprived of knowledge and riches. In the Vedic scriptures, She is the personification of learning, wisdom, knowledge, music, arts and skills. ‘Saraswati’ means “the essence of the self”.

We at Rudra Centre offer a variety of Saraswati idols made in pure brass, stone and china clay at best price. Goddess Saraswati holds a special position in the Vedas. She is vividly described therein as a graceful divine woman with snow-white skin, in pure white or yellow clothes.

Our idols are artistically crafted to give it a presentable look and divinely rich appearance. The designs of these Saraswati idols are in accordance with the description mentioned in the Vedas. In the scriptures, She is commonly portrayed with four hands that personify Her omnipresence and omnipotence. Seated on a white lotus, She represents the transcendence over the imperfections or flaws of the physical world. It is also mentioned at many places that She is seated on the swan, which gives Her the name Hamsa-vahini.

In Her hands, She has the Vedas. She has a necklace of white pearls that symbolizes the power of meditation and spirituality. She also holds a pot of sacred water that demotes Her purifying, and nourishing attributes. On top of all, She has the Veena that denotes Her mastery of all fine arts and sciences

Get Saraswati Idols/Statues Online From Rudra Centre, Mumbai (India):

We have a variety of Saraswati statues in brass, stonework or clay. You can install it at home for daily worship or meditation, shop or office.

Saraswati on Swan: Crafted in brass with the base, this idol certainly invites divinity into your home. Goddess is portrayed as sitting on the divine Swan, playing the Veena, holding Veda and chanting mala (rosary) in Her hands. Best for use in puja altar, study desk or in living area.

Maa Saraswati - Dhokra metal art: Aesthetically cast in the Dhokra style, this Saraswati murti is a divine sight. She is portrayed as standing on Hamsa (swan), Her vahana (carrier) and holds Her instrument, the Veena.

Goddess Saraswati Idol with Stone Work: Created with brass and decorated with meticulous stonework, it projects the Goddess in a seated position with the pose of blessing His devotees.

Saraswati Idol in Clay: Made in pure or original China clay, this idol is present in the most exquisite fashion. It is best for use in puja altar, home, study table or office.

Apart from personal use, you can gift Saraswati idols to your near and dear ones, friends, students and anyone in the field of education. It can be presented as gifts on any auspicious occasions such as wedding.