Sarp Diya in Brass


INR 875


A wonderful Sarp Diya made in heavy Brass, excellently carved with a clever design. The Diya or Oil Lamp has a sturdy base, with fine Flower petals carved on it. The base is placed on the coiled body of the Snake/Sarp and the head of the Snake rises from the coil to form the handle of the Diya. The outer surface of Diya is carved with Flower petals and is deep enough to burn for several hours and is easy to maintain. The handle is easy to hold which makes the process of Aarti comfortable. The Snake is worshipped by Hindus as a Deity, Lord Shiva wears the Snake round His neck and there are other religious association of the Sarp.

The Sarp Diya can be used for lighting during Puja and it can also serve as a adornment for your home decor. Lighting a Diya purifies the energies of the space, ushers auspiciousness, beauty, prosperity and is found approximately in every Hindu home. The Sarp Diya in Brass makes lovely gits for near and dear ones.

Height: 1.9 Inches
Base Dimension: approx. 2.6 x 1.9 Inches
Weight: 236 gms