Shahanaj Attar


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The intense aroma of Shahanaj Attar was popular with the Nawabs of Lucknow(India) and maintains its popularity till date, in India. The aroma of Shahanaj Attar is associated with the Anahata or Heart Chakra and can be used for Aroma therapy.

Attars are concentrated aroma oils extracted from natural herbs, plants, spices, bark of trees which have been used down ages as perfume. Applying only a little dab of it is enough to experience it and receive appreciation for its scent.

The Shahanaj Attar comes in a pretty bottle with a Green tinge and a tassel attached to its Silver colour cap and packaged in an attractive Purple box, which also keeps it safe. It is available in different size bottles and are perfect gifts for loved ones.

How to use Attar
  • Shahanaj Attar can be applied on body or clothes as perfume. The ideal way to apply it is to dab just a bit of it on the inner side of your wrists and before it dries, apply a bit behind earlobes with the inside of wrists.
  • A few droplets of the Attar can be added to water and used in Diffusers to fill the space with its scent. Since Shahanaj Attar is associated with the Heart Chakra, it may be a good idea to use it in this way, to create a love filled atmosphere.
  • Add drops of it to unscented massage cream, oils, lotions for relaxing the body and soothing it.
  • Applying Attar while meditating or during performing worship is said to help in hearing messages from Angels and Guides.
  • Roll on the fragrant Attar or use the application stick to take a small drop on finger tip & apply behind ears and on wrist, for best result.